Basic Tips Available to Consumers on Insoles Jun 08, 2022

Full Insoles
The full insole is designed to support the soles of the whole foot, making it one of the most comfortable and optional types of insoles.
Although the typical full insoles are thick and need more space in the head of the shoes, the full mats made especially for high heels are often light and thin, making them well adapted to high heels.

Half Insoles
The semi-insole is specially made to support the heel part.
The front part of the foot does not have a supporting function.
However, the semi-insole is more adaptable and can be used with open-toed fish-beaked high heels.

Three Quarter Insoles
This type of insole has good support for both heel and arch.
If a person's shoes are too big or his feet sweat, it can prevent the heel from sliding and rubbing.
Another advantage of 3/4 insoles is that they improve the position of a person's foot by redistributing the load-bearing of the toe to the heel.
Make the feet more comfortable and improve the posture, so as to walk more gracefully.

Detachable Insoles
This type of insole has many layers.
Each layer allows the wearer to adjust the height of the insole based on preference.
Removable insoles have both full insoles and semi-insoles.

Ball-of-foot Cushions
Also known as metatarsal pads, they are smaller than insoles and placed under the metatarsal ball to help reduce stress and tension on the metatarsals.
It is important to determine the foot support you need, because the support of different sizes and foot shapes is very different.
Buyers need to consider what kind of high heels they will wear, test their feet, and then choose the right insoles.

Insole Material
Before buying high-heeled insoles, think about the type of insole material that is more durable and more comfortable.
The most commonly used type is leather (Leather). Cow leather has the characteristics of hardness and firmness, which is suitable for those who need strong support for their arches.

Rubber Insoles

Rubber insoles are used to raise shoes. They can be hard or soft.
Those who want strong, often wear insoles that will not break, usually choose hard rubber.
Soft rubber, as its name suggests, makes the feet feel softer and more comfortable.
Gel Insoles

Gel insole is a new material for insoles.
Its softness and flexibility are more comfortable as foot buffers than other types of materials.

Foam Insole

Foam insole is a typical material, also known as memory foam. It will shape and adjust the shape of the foot you wear.
You should choose comfortable materials and suitable insoles to match the shoes you wear every day.

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