Insole-Motion Control Series January 14 , 2022

The insole of the motion control series is not particularly different from the insole of the stability series as a whole, but the material will be slightly different. 

The main differences are: 1. The material used for motion control is relatively harder than the stability insole, especially the inner and outer arch support and heel design, and the depth of the heel will be deeper. The benefit of this design is that it adjusts the arch and heel to a normal state through external force. So will this kind of insole be uncomfortable? It should be fine overall. This kind of insole is designed according to the normal foot structure, so for people with normal foot structure, it only limits the foot structure to the normal area, the contact between bones and muscles tends to be normal, and it is close to the physiological anatomy of normal people. 

2. Compared with the collapsed foot structure, the increased contact surface of the insole can reduce a series of pain problems caused by very contact. In addition, the functional characteristics of the Motion control series are similar to the insoles of the stability series.

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