Insole-Stability Series January 14 , 2022
1. The insole wraps the feet. The stability of running will be relatively higher, which is why it becomes a stable insole; 2. For people who have a long running distance, the stability insole will reduce foot fatigue. The principle is that the stability insole can wrap the feet. , during the running process, the whole foot is under force. Compared with the ordinary insole, the force will be more evenly applied to the forefoot, heel and part of the arch; 3. For those with mild flat feet, high arches, or For people with mild heel valgus and varus, the stability of the insole will make the foot in a more normal structure, that is, the flat foot arch will return to the normal structure, the high arch sole will be evenly stressed, and the varus will be blamed. It is a more normal position, so for people with mild foot structure problems, the stability insole will be the savior of your running. It can relatively well solve the running problems caused by foot defects. In short, stability's insole has a wide range of applicability, and the focus is also on sports protection, so it is also a kind of insole that is recommended and recommended.
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