How to Choose A Pair of Sports Insoles Jun 18, 2022

For a pair of sports insoles, the brand may not be that important, and we should pay attention to what "technology" it uses, especially in the professional field of sports protection. As long as we follow the clues according to these functional designs that protect our feet, everyone can find their own sports insoles. 

When we choose sports insoles, the essential idea is to make up for the "deficiency" of our own body. When the impact and tear caused by body weight accumulate, it can cause soreness, cramps and even pain. 

When it comes to foot protection when it comes to running, for example, we used to focus on choosing a suitable running shoe-it does lighten the load when we run and reduce the risk of sports injury.

How important is the sports insole? 

If you often watch post-match tidbits like NBA, you will find that when basketball players give their boots to fans, they will pull out the insoles, because their sports insoles are customized according to the foot conditions of each stage and require a fixed customization cycle. 

It is difficult for us ordinary people to customize sports insoles, but we can choose sports insoles according to our own parameters. 

Next, take Dazhou insoles as a reference to explain all aspects of sports insoles. The supporting function of sports insole is mainly reflected in its support for the arch of the foot, which can reduce the overstretching of the plantar fascia on the premise of being fully blessed. 

At the same time, the sports insole also needs to increase the stress area of the foot, so that the pressure of the front palm and heel is in a balanced state, not focusing on a point of continuous pressure; for the foot, it also needs a compact package. in this way, the shaking and skidding caused by exercise can be reduced. 

Here we focus on the foot arch, which refers to the arched foot bone structure composed of ligaments, muscles, tendons, etc., including three arches, that is, two longitudinal arches and one transverse arch. 

Not only does the arch act as a buffer when walking touches the ground, but once the arch sinks, it can no longer play this role, causing pain in the feet, Achilles tendons and even around the knees-which is why flat feet cannot walk long distances. 

How does Dazhou solve the problem of high adaptation of different arches? 

It has three different arch heights, which can be chosen according to your own situation, and the sense of fit will be stronger. This design mainly takes into account the winch lifting phenomenon (the winch lifting phenomenon refers to the dorsal flexion of the toes and the overturning of the plantar aponeurosis. The foot arch rigidity becomes higher), the appropriate height can provide sufficient support, so that the ankle can bear less burden and avoid the sore feeling caused by long travel and strenuous exercise. 

Jumping during sports is an area with a high incidence of injuries, such as playing basketball, badminton and tennis. When the movements of jumping and falling are repeated, it is not only easy to cause damage to the knee. There is also a certain probability of sprain (that is, ankle sprain), so the stability of the sports insole is also very important. 

In addition, in order to increase grip, sports insoles should also make more efforts on the material. When exercising, you can obviously feel that the cushioning elasticity of the insole is good, so you can't help but want to run at full speed when you run. At the same time, you will have a clearer sense of bouncing feet when you run, and under the premise that the arch of your foot is supported, it will also make running lighter. During running, the heel will feel wrapped, and at the same time, it is not easy to skid.
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