How to clean the insole Aug 02, 2022
How to clean the insole:

1. If there is peculiar smell, you can take out the insole and place it with air to dry, or use the shoe deodorant to remove the peculiar smell.

2. If the insole is seriously dirty, you can rinse the insole under the faucet and gently wipe it with a soft brush. If you are worried that the surface layer may fall off, you can do not use detergent.

3. If the stain is serious and the smell is still there, apply soap after soaking and brush it with a brush. You can also soak it with washing powder and then brush it with a brush. This is for cotton. If it is embroidered, use soap or special washing. agent to prevent the thread from fading.

4. After washing, place it in a ventilated place to air dry. Do not use a hot air blower or a hair dryer to force the insole to dry, otherwise the insole may be deformed.

Reasons why insoles should be changed frequently:
The main function of the insole is to protect the sole of the foot. Now the insole has also developed many functions, such as antibacterial and deodorant, health care and the like. The insole needs to be cleaned because the shoes have been worn for a long time, not only the upper and socks are dirty, but the insole will also stain and turn black, and the insole is a relatively closed space in the shoe, which is more likely to breed bacteria, so it is more necessary. cleaning. And in order to maintain the comfort of the shoes, if the insole is broken, it is recommended to replace the insole with a new one.
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