The Function of Insole Jun 08, 2022
If you think that the function of the insole is just a comfortable cushion, then you should adjust your concept of the insole. In the past, the function of the insole was just a cushion, but with modern technology, the function of the insole has been upgraded to a component of the auxiliary shoe function.
Modern quality insoles can provide the following functions:

1. Prevent the soles of the feet from slipping in the shoes.

The shoe bed in the shoe is flat, but the soles of your feet are not, so the soles of your feet will slide in the shoes when walking, each step of walking takes a little more effort, and long-distance walking is more likely to increase all kinds of trauma. The use of three-dimensional insoles can fill the space between the soles of the feet and the shoe bed and reduce the sliding of the soles of the feet in the shoes.

2.Increase the support and improve the stability of the pace.

The insole with a heel supporting cup can reduce the swing of following the ground while walking, thereby reducing the chance of fatigue and trauma.

3. Shock absorption.

There are two kinds of shock-absorbing insoles, one is the use of hard cup-shaped heel support, because the hypertrophic muscle of human heel is a natural shock-absorbing function, as long as it is matched with a suitable Radian hard rubber support, it can play a good shock-absorbing function, suitable for some stable and lasting activities, such as fencing, vigorous walking, hiking and so on.
The other is to assist other soft materials, such as gel and air cushion, to absorb the impact of foot following the ground, which is suitable for high running and jumping movements such as running and basketball.

4. Correct walking and standing posture.

It sounds magical, but this is exactly the function of orthopedic insoles. Due to natural and other factors, many people's spine and leg bones cannot be 100% vertical when standing, or they sway left and right while walking, causing a variety of bone and joint injuries over a long period of time. With the help of orthopedic insoles, walking and standing posture can be corrected to reduce trauma.
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