What is orthopedic insole? Jun 21, 2022
Orthopedic insoles need to be in line with the individual's bone, joint and soft tissue structure, provide support and cushioning for the foot, and can correct foot and lower limb problems (such as flat feet, long and short legs).

A pair of suitable orthopedic insoles can play a positive role in the muscle tissue, gait and posture of the foot.

These insoles are made by orthopaedic technicians and eliminate foot pain, back pain or knee pain as much as possible. Usually they can be easily embedded in the shoes, at first there will be discomfort, which is like wearing a new pair of shoes, a week later, the sole slowly adapt to the habit, can no longer detect the existence of insoles.

When do we need a pair of orthopedic insoles?

For those patients with structural long and short legs, flat feet, high bow feet, or swinging gait, orthopedic insoles can avoid injuries to other joints due to mechanical changes, and can make walking smoother and safer.
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