• DAZHOU Coffee Yarn Insoles
    DAZHOU Coffee Yarn Insoles May 19, 2023
    Coffee YARN uses two main selected components, "coffee" and "mica", to which a variety of special chemical materials are added, and then polyester, nylon or viscose are used as carriers, which are spun into fibres using special processes. The composite construction means that the coffee residue is mixed into the fibre and filament. The coffee fibre and filament provide odour control and moisture absorption. The mica has a layered structure and is transparent and colourless. Mica has a melting point of 1300℃, so its physical properties are completely unchanged at the high temperature of 550℃. The thermal conductivity rate W/m℃ of mica is I.4 (at 20℃), almost 5 times that of normal polyester (0.3), making it an optimal thermal conductor material with excellent cooling/heat transfer properties. The nano mica's surface is electrically charged,  its hydration is very high, has excellent water absorption effect, so it can promote water absorption effect and can promote cooling effect. With above mentioned features, Mica has a dual effect of high heat conduction and water absorption, which makes nano mica an optimal new generation cooling material. After combining coffee and mica, using a base of polyester, nylon or viscose, the resulting fibre is a multifunctional material. Our insole experts use this new technologies in our insoles. The new Dazhou Coffee Yarn insoles can provide functions with the ice cool touch, odor control, UV protection and moisture management at the same time. The new Coffee Yarn insoles will be soon available on our websites. Feel free to contact us!
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  • DAZHOU new bio-based Insoles
    DAZHOU new bio-based Insoles May 18, 2023
    DAZHOU New Materials Marketing Department has launched a new exciting project: Based on renewable bio-based materials, our insole experts are proud to introduce our new bio-insoles, which are now officially a new star in our product lines. The new insoles use bio-based raw materials such as starch, cellulose or vegetable oil. During the production process, the raw materials are broken down into bio-based monomers and, after fermentation, into chemical materials. With our new technology, the chemical materials are polymerised into bio-based products such as polyurethane, polymide or polylactic acid, which are the raw materials for our PU insoles. This bio-based technology for manufacturing insole-materials can replace the standard process using petrochemical resources, reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. We are proud that with this new technology we can also contribute to our environment and our earth, with DAZHOU we go green. The bio-based insoles will soon be available on our website. Find out and try!
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  • Cushioned Shoe Inserts
    Cushioned Shoe Inserts January 04, 2023
    If you are looking for a quick way to make your new or existing shoes more comfortable then some insoles may be the best solution for you. Assuming that you are not suffering from any serious foot problems or injuries some cushioning insoles can make your feet feel much more comfortable. We spend a great deal of time on our feet so making our shoes as comfortable as possible can keep us on our feet for longer and allow us to do more. Most people simply don't replace their shoes often enough and some cushioning insoles like gel shoe inserts will help you get more life out of your shoes. These types of inserts are simply for added cushioning and are not to be mistaken for adding extra support for your feet. Cushioned insoles are made to replace the standard insoles that come with your shoes and come in a range of materials. The most common type is a simple foam insole that is slightly thicker. Foam is typically the lightest choice however it does have several drawbacks namely that it has the shortest useful lifespan of the insole materials. Foam insoles also tend to be a little bulky at first then lose their shape the fastest. Gel shoe inserts hold their shape for longer and better quality ones can be used for 2 consecutive pairs of shoes. Because the gel is denser than the foam it takes up less space inside the shoe leaving your feet with room to expand when it is warmer. The thinner profile also means that they can fit into more types of shoes. Other types of inserts that provide cushioning are Sheep skin inserts. These are predominantly used to keep your feet warm in very cold climates and aren't suitable for use inside running or athletic shoes. It is important to keep in mind that cushioned insoles just like any other shoe inserts are meant to compliment your shoes and will be the most effective when they are fitted properly inside shoes that are in good condition. They shouldn't be thought of as a cheap way to extend the life of shoes that already need replacing, particularly if you are a diabetic and are wearing diabetic socks inside your shoes.
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  • Shoe Insoles - Effective Device To Cure Various Ailments
    Shoe Insoles - Effective Device To Cure Various Ailments December 28, 2022
    While you are carrying out rigorous activities like running, jogging, fast walking and playing games, it would be great for you to insert shoe insoles in your shoes. You will see that shoe insole is a term which is used for arches as well as cushion supports which can be inserted inside any shoe that you desire to wear. The insoles come in myriads of different options which can be used for different purposes. The main function of the insole is to provide a comfortable cushioning to your foot. They create a shock absorbent and soft surface that helps you in doing rigorous activities without feeling pain or discomfort. This article would provide you some important points about the shoe insoles before your purchase them. 1. Different varieties of shoe insoles There are basically tow different types of insoles, namely arches and cushions. Information about them is motioned below. • You will see that the arch is made of hard and sturdy materials and they come in some different styles and designs. The basis focus of the arch is to provide comfort to the four arches of your foot and an ideal position to the foot. The device helps in revealing pain by providing stability and balance. • Cushion insoles are basically made of very spongy and smooth rubber material and the device is designed in such a manner that it would fit perfectly in any shoe. One great advantage of the cushion is that they help in absorbing shock from rigorous activities. • In the market you also get medical insoles as well as regular insoles. The regular insoles are used for absorbing shocks and providing you comfort whereas the medical ones are used for treating back, neck and foot pain. 2. Great benefits of purchasing the shoe insoles You will surely get some very good advantages of using the shoe insoles on a regular basis. Some essential plus points are mentioned below. • This device provides you maximum comfort, cushioning and shock absorption which protects your foot from wear and tear and stress. • As this accessory is make of foam, gel or sponge it can be used in any shoes and by any one. • You can also purchase this device according to your own requirements. So, if you really want to get rid of various back, neck and feet related problems, so must surely consider purchasing the excellent shoe insoles. If you have terrible foot pain from fallen arches then shoe insoles can relieved the pain.
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  • Why Opt for Insole Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis?
    Why Opt for Insole Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis? December 21, 2022
    The arches of the feet serve many functions, the most important of which is distribution of the forces exerted due to the body on the feet. If the arches of the feet are not aligned properly pain in various parts of the body including lower back pain, is inevitable. This is besides the numerous conditions related to the feet like Plantar Fasciitis, hammertoes, bunions, and heel spurs. Insoles for plantar fasciitis and other problems pertaining to the arches are now available. Understand Plantar Fasciitis Plantar Fascia are a thick band of the tissue which provides support to the bones in the bottom of the feet. These tissues take the brunt of the weight and are subject to wear. However due to problem with the alignment of the arches of the feet, they are subject to constant wear without any scope for recovery. Injury results in inflammation and tenderness in the tissue, characterised by pain that seems to be at its worse in the morning but improves through the day. Walking or any intense sport also causes heel pain. Diagnosis of the problem can be easily made by experts with a clinical examination and by observing the walk. Various treatments options exist for the condition including surgery and use of anti-inflammatory drugs combined with the use of pain relief medication. While massages, cold and therapies are common, they do not address the underlying problem, which often is a misaligned foot. Plantar Fasciitis insoles have proven to be an excellent solution to this problem. How Do Insoles Work? Treatment with insoles is now recognized as a permanent solution to not just plantar fasciitis but a host of other feet related problems. Insoles gently reposition the feet by working the arches. An arch support is used inside the shoe in accordance to a schedule of use prescribed by an expert. With time, the support arches become gentler and the therapy progresses towards maintaining the alignment rather than changing it. Finding an Expert to Assist You While it is possible to find insoles for plantar fasciitis in a medical store, the right way of use is unknown to most people. As a result often people continue to suffer with insoles and opt for other methods of treatment. When these methods fail, they seek an expert who has an established practise of treating problems of the feet with the insoles. An expert will first observe your walk and standing posture to determine the problem. He will then personally fit with you the right type of insole. There are many different types and are available in many sizes, to suit different types of feet. Such treatment options are known to provide pain relief in a short time.
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  • How to Be Comfortable With Electronic Boot Insoles During Winter?
    How to Be Comfortable With Electronic Boot Insoles During Winter? December 14, 2022
    During winter the problem of cold feet is intolerable. The fact that shoes and boot insoles get frozen and refuse to warm up is unpleasant to everyone. Even your fancy shoes and best insoles are not able to warm your feet. Your feet are an important part of your body. This is mainly due to the fact that all the nerves from all over your body connect to the soles of your feet. Your feet basically have all the pressure points of your body. So caring for them is very important. During winter lack of proper care for your feet will reduce the temperature of your body. What are electronic boot insoles? A good remedy for cold feet during winter is the electronic boot insoles. They are the best insoles to combat those frigid pangs of the feet. They are a wireless, rechargeable and of course heated insoles. They are a water resistant insole that has combines an RF receiver. It has a lithium ion battery to recharge and a heating element under the foot. There is a charger that keeps topping up the batteries as they finish. A wireless remote assists users in selecting the suitable settings for their needs. Users are not inconvenienced by having to remove the insole to change to the desired settings. They are warm and maintain a mild temperature for your feet that is comfortable and agreeable while at the same time cushioning your feet with exposing them to a rough feel. So even during winter your feet is able to relax and actually enjoy the winter season. What are their advantages? The electronic insoles are intelligent systems and environment friendly. They have a built in thermos stat to identify actual temperature and will adjust itself accordingly. So the electronic insoles not only generate heat, they are also concerned for your comfort, this way your feet are in a perfect balance without being too warm or cold. It has the "no heat" option in it that will switch off immediately. This will help save battery power and reduces the wastage of simply being switched on when it is not necessary.
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  • Sport Replacement Insoles for Running Insoles
    Sport Replacement Insoles for Running Insoles November 30, 2022
    The sport replacement insoles for running insoles are a new type of insole that has a wave in it that focuses on the heel and the fore of the foot. This is used as sport insoles where it does not weigh additionally nor does it restrict the user from proper movement. This new type of insole is specifically designed for athletes for use as their sports insoles. These insoles come in many sizes, that make it easy on the athletes to use them, rather than buying a common size from the market and resizing them for the required size. Benefits of massaging gels This type of running insoles provides a lot of cushioning to the feet. This gives comfort to the feet and reduces the pain for the users. Since the feet are constantly active, without proper cushion and support the muscles in the feet can be strained and cramps can occur. This will also affect the performance of the player. The sport replacement insole will absorb shock. This is very useful for players of basketball and football where there is high intensity and stress to the feet. If the insoles did not have proper shock absorption techniques it will affect their balance and injuries can occur. The joints will be benefited by the shock being absorbed by the insoles and trapped there, and not being passed back to the joints. This is a great help for players of basketball as aids side to side movement and helps motion control. By giving the stability the players are able to concentrate on their game and not worrying about the muscle and joint pains that they will experience the next day. This is provided by the arch shell that is designed in these products. How to use massaging gels? The process to use these insoles is not difficult and certainly not rocket science. The first step is to remove the insoles of the shoe. Then you have to measure the size of the shoe with that of the sport replacement insole. You can do this by placing the sport replacement insole in the shoe. Once you are certain of the required size, you can directly use them. Most of these insoles have different sizes, so in most cases adjustment will not be required. If adjustment was required you can trim the excess easily. Then you have to place the sport replacement insole gel face down and you can start using it. You will have to check every six months as maintenance and replace them as and when needed.
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  • What Are Height Insoles and How Can They Help Me Look Taller?
    What Are Height Insoles and How Can They Help Me Look Taller? November 23, 2022
    If you want to look taller, then you may want to consider using height insoles. These handy little inserts can easily help you appear taller instantly, so that you feel more confident in your appearance overall. These inserts are widely available, and are an affordable way to look taller, as well. What Do They Look Like? Height insoles are simple pieces of soft, comfortable materials that fit right into your shoes. You can choose from many different materials, including flexible foam and silicone. When you are just beginning to use insoles to become taller, you may want to pick up several pairs of different materials to find the type that suits your personal tastes best. Most insoles are sold at a very affordable price, so don¡¦t worry if you need to buy a few pairs before you find the set that is most comfortable for your personal needs. Most height insoles are also invisible with a pair of loafers or sneakers, too. This is very beneficial if you want to wear your insoles to work or during the evening when you go out. You can also take your insoles with you when you are shopping for new shoes to ensure the insole is totally covered, and that the shoe fits well with the insole. Most insoles fit into any shoe comfortably, however, so if you need to order shoes you don¡¦t have to worry about the insole not fitting properly. All insoles are sold in common sizes, so that the insole fits your size perfectly. How Do They Work? A height insole is made with a slim upper that fits under the toes, and a thick one to two inch pad that fits under the heel. This lift works to increase your height by up to two inches, but when you combine the insole with a show that has a taller heel you can actually become taller by up to four inches, depending on the shoe that you choose. Many people feel totally comfortable wearing a combination of taller heels and insoles, and so can you. If you do feel as if it is obvious that you are so much taller, then simply give yourself a couple of days to become accustomed to the height difference. Chances are good that your height insoles will give you the confidence that you need to feel great about your appearance. Since height insoles work instantly to increase your height, you don¡¦t have to worry about taking supplements, joining a gym or eating odd foods to become taller. One of the biggest advantages to choosing this method of becoming taller is that it really is a simple and effective way to increase your height instantly.
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